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Собрал подборку 20 антивоенных песен - от самых классических, до экстраординарных. Думаю, они все что хотят скажут сами без моих комментариев.

(mp3 - 320 kbps)

Blowin' in the Wind - BOB DYLAN (1963)
Yes'n how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

Eve of Destruction - THE TURTLES (автор P.F. Sloan) (1965)
The poundin' of the drums, the pride and disgrace,
You can bury your dead, but don't leave a trace,
Hate your next-door-neighbour, but don't forget to say grace,
And you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.

The Unknown Soldier - THE DOORS (1968)
Breakfast where the news is read
Television children fed
Unborn living, living, dead
Bullet strikes the helmet's head

Some folks are born made to wave the flag
ooh, they're red, white and blue
And when the band plays "Hail To The Chief"
oh, they point the cannon at you, Lord

Give Peace a Chance - JOHN LENNON (1969)
Ev'rybody's talkin' 'bout
Revolution, Evolution, Masturbation, Flagellation, Regulation,
Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations
All we are saying is give peace a chance

Gimme Shelter - THE ROLLING STONES (1969)
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

War Pigs - BLACK SABBATH (1970)
Gen'rals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction,
Sorcerer of death's construction

Child in Time - DEEP PURPLE (1970)
Bullets flying taking toll
If you've been bad, Lord I bet you have
And you've not been hit by flying lead
You'd better close your eyes and bow your head
And wait for the ricochet

War - BOB MARLEY (1976)
And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique,
South Africa sub-human bondage
have been toppled, utterly destroyed
Well, everywhere is war, me say war.

English Civil War - THE CLASH (1978)
A woman's eye will shed a tear
To see his face so beaten in fear
An' it was just around the corner in the English Civil War

Holiday in Cambodia - THE DEAD KENNEDYS (1980)
Well you'll work harder
With a GUN in your back
For a bowl of rice a day
Slave for soldiers
Till you starve
Then your head is skewered on a stake

The Post War Dream - PINK FLOYD (1983)
Tell me true, tell me why, was Jesus crucified
Is it for this that Daddy died?
Was it for you? Was it me?
Did I watch too much T.V.?

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - THE POGUES (автор Eric Bogle) (1985)
How well I remember that terrible day
How the blood stained the sand and the water
And how in that hell that they called Suvla Bay
We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter

99 Red Balloons - 7 SECONDS (немецкоязычный оригинал исполнялся певицей Nena) (1986)
In this dust that was a city
If I could find a souvenir
Just to prove the world was here

It's the End of the World as We Know It - R.E.M. (1987)
The other night I dreamt a nice continental drift divide
Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
You symbiotic, patriotic, slam but neck, right? Right!

One - METALLICA (1988)
Now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up, I cannot see
That there's not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now

Bullet the Blue Sky - U2 (1988, live)
And I can see those fighter planes
Across the tin huts as children sleep
Through the alleys of a quiet city street.

All Good Soldiers - BAD RELIGION (1993)
All good soldiers wait like warheads
When the fighting starts who will
be accountable, a cannibal, a cannonball

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next - MANIC STREET PREACHERS (1998)
Bullets for your brain today
But we'll forget it all again
Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder

War - OUTKAST (2003)
The human beings, Man acting as if he was the Supreme Being
Clocking the souls of men out like he was God and W.A.R.
There will be no tomorrow, but sorrow and horror will follow
The hollow hearts battle for dollars
Politcians, modern day magicians, physicians of death
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