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Как разгадать 4D Sound

На прошлой неделе весь интернет охал и ахал по поводу вот этого реально фантастического аудио-фокуса:

Кто прошел мимо - пропробуй, обязательно и только в НАУШНИКАХ.

Уже неделю хожу и думаю, как это делается. Все же решил покопаться в сети, как на сие среагировала прогрессивная западная общественность. Среди тучи комментов нашел парочку мало-мальски грамотных.

Вот один из них (если лень переводить - расскажу, речь идет по-сути об аудио-голограмме - интерференции звуковых волн, которые нужно уловить в грамотной комбинации). Плюс приводятся ссылки на еще несколько сэмплов - приятных, но не настолько эээ... ПРЕСТИЖных.

(найдено мной на
Actually, it's not a binaural recording.

Binaural recordings are when you make a dummy head, complete with exact replicas of the human ears and sinus cavities etc., and then put microphones where the ear drums would be. It makes good sound, but not this convincing.

This clip is a holophonic recording, invented by Hugo Zuccarelli. He uses binaural recording techniques, but adds in a crucial component that makes all the difference. From what I understand, the human ear records and reports sub-sonic as well as super-sonic sounds, although we do not consciously register them. The audio cortex takes them into account when pinpointing noises. The principal behind holophonic sound is akin to that of holograms, where the interference pattern between two lasers forms a three dimensional image. Instead of laser interference, they use sound wave interference. They use multiple exposure techniques to record the interference between a digital reference track that is supersonic and the actual sound you 'hear'. When played back into your ears, your brain is tricked into believing that the sounds actually originate from somewhere around you, instead of your headphones. The sounds are so convincing that some people actually report experiencing synesthesia, like smelling sulfur when they hear the match burn or feeling the breath of the whispering woman when she comes in close.

I did some exploring in some random spanish forums where Zuccarelli actually posted reports of his work and was able to come up with some more holophonic sound samples:

Scissors -
Hair Dryer -
Whispering Woman -

Zuccarelli's original site seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet, but someone had the good sense to copy the relevant text from it before it did so. This contains a great amount of information on holophonic sound and the concept of 'phonons' -

I also found several references to a CD, called 'Aldebaran - 3D sound (holophonics sampler)'. This CD apparently has all of the above sound samples as well as plenty others, and is a robust 52 minutes long. It appears that it can still be bought here -

Fascinating stuff.
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